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05: Creepy Tricks and Treats from the Archives

Listen to the episode HERE.

Sound of the Archives has a fun new creepy episode in honor of Halloween that we’d love for you to listen to! Laura Farley went to the Wisconsin Historical Society to interview a few noted archivists, including a recent UW Madison graduate:

  • Maxine Fleckner Ducey, archivist of the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research, speaks about receiving some very strange candy from Emile De Antonio
  • Eric Willey, UW Madison graduate, chats about an experience collecting records from a corrective institution and an incinerator
  • Helmut Knies, Collection Development Coordinator, gives a worst case scenario in the archives (yes, it involves water)
  • Abbie Norderhaug, Public Records Accessioner, talks about picking up records from a strange location
  • Kyle Krause, Manuscripts Accessioner, speaks about almost being crushed by a mob during the Wisconsin Protests while trying to gather history
  • Jonathan Nelson, Collection Development Archivist, tells us about a model of quite an unusual package
  • Lee Grady, archivist of the McCormick collection, reveals a reminder of our mortality with the face of a woman named Nettie

Have a listen, as well as a fun & safe Halloween! Tell us about your costumes and creepy stories over at our Facebook page (, Twitter page (@sota_podcast) or our blog,