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Midwest Archives Conference 2013

MACSotASessionOur session at the Midwest Archives Conference was a rousing success. Thank you for all of the support. We are so happy to have inspired so many people and connected with so many strangers. The whole experience was a great thing for us. Thank you.

If you’re interested in our handout from the session, which includes the resources we use as well as examples of great podcasts to emulate, please click here.

If you’re interested in our slides from the session, please click here.

If you’d like to see those videos of the editing process, please click here.


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Prairie and Clinton: a study of narrative value

Prairie and Dana went to Clinton, Wisconsin yesterday to record a few residents telling wonderful stories about Clinton history. Editing the files into just as lovely a podcast will take a little time, but until then, here is a video from our Records Management class. Prairie worked with folks from Clinton for a paper for this class. It’s a great job and we are so pleased to present it to you.

(apologies for the quality — it wasn’t an expected recording, so it’s just a small camera. You can’t see her slides but what she says is all you need to listen to! :)