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10: Genealogy Stories

You can listen to this episode HERE.

Join Laura for her genealogy-themed episode! We believe family history should be much more celebrated in the archival world, and bring you two stories as evidence. In this episode, Michelle Dubert-Bellrichard tells the story of a wonderful coincidence and Lee Grady relates a reference interview gone terribly right.


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09: Recordings from Across the Pond

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Join us for an interview with new contributor Brian Miller, a SLIS student who lives in Minneapolis doing cool things with Irish music, and Chris Wright, artist-in-residence at Tobar an Dualchais, a project dedicated to collection and making accessible Gaelic and Scots oral recordings. You can read more about the project at their website:

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08: SotA and SAADA

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Sound of the Archives meets South Asian American Digital Archive … and GREAT THINGS HAPPEN. Samip Mallick, founder of SAADA, talks about the concepts the community archive is founded upon, such as a post-custodial model and digital repatriation. He also speaks about things that every archival institution needs to think about: metadata and outreach!

“A community without its records is a community under siege,
defending itself, its identity, and its version of history
without a firm foundation on which to stand.”

Learn more about the archive here:

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07: Ruthie and Jim’s Lovely Letters

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Sound of the Archives teamed up with SLIS grad student Shannon Wilsey, who writes the blog Letters to Ruthie, to share these funny, light-hearted, sweet, and heartfelt letters in honor of luuuuuuuuv month. We hope you enjoy hearing the words of Jim and Ruthie, two lovebirds courting in the early 1940s while Jim was away for army training. This is one of the most-stated reasons for becoming an archivist anyway: so we get to read other peoples’ love letters!

For more letters, head to Shannon’s blog:

Ruthie & Jim on a Picnic

Ruthie & Jim on a Picnic

How’d you meet your beau or sweetheart? Dana met hers in a library! :)

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06: Archives Month and Outreach

Listen HERE.

Welcome to this very late podcast release! As said in the podcast, this was supposed to come out mid-November but life got in the way. We hope you’ll excuse us.

This episode highlights many things: Archives Month, its history, and how Texas celebrates it; outreach at the Minnesota History Center; and outreach in a private sector setting.

Some of the links mentioned in the podcast:

This episode was presented to you by Dana Gerber, Prairie Hady, Sarah McDole, and Audra Hilse. Also, thank you to the Free Music Archive!

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05: Creepy Tricks and Treats from the Archives

Listen to the episode HERE.

Sound of the Archives has a fun new creepy episode in honor of Halloween that we’d love for you to listen to! Laura Farley went to the Wisconsin Historical Society to interview a few noted archivists, including a recent UW Madison graduate:

  • Maxine Fleckner Ducey, archivist of the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research, speaks about receiving some very strange candy from Emile De Antonio
  • Eric Willey, UW Madison graduate, chats about an experience collecting records from a corrective institution and an incinerator
  • Helmut Knies, Collection Development Coordinator, gives a worst case scenario in the archives (yes, it involves water)
  • Abbie Norderhaug, Public Records Accessioner, talks about picking up records from a strange location
  • Kyle Krause, Manuscripts Accessioner, speaks about almost being crushed by a mob during the Wisconsin Protests while trying to gather history
  • Jonathan Nelson, Collection Development Archivist, tells us about a model of quite an unusual package
  • Lee Grady, archivist of the McCormick collection, reveals a reminder of our mortality with the face of a woman named Nettie

Have a listen, as well as a fun & safe Halloween! Tell us about your costumes and creepy stories over at our Facebook page (, Twitter page (@sota_podcast) or our blog,


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04: Our Days of Summer

Listen to the podcast HERE.

In this episode, Laura, Katherine, and Dana talk about their summer activities!

Laura Farley spent her summer on an intensive practicum digitizing haunting glass plate negatives from the International Harvester collection. You can see some of her scans by clicking this link, which takes you to a search of Wisconsin Historical Images.

Katherine Stotis processed collections at CUNA, the Credit Union National Association, as well as Circus World’s Robert L. Parkinson Library and Research Center.

Dana Gerber worked at the Wisconsin Historical Society’s Archives Reading Room. She also volunteered at Circus World, though instead of processing, she helped to identify heralds, working towards eventually digitizing them. You can see some photos of her and other SLIS students at Circus World by going to her blog: here and here.