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Prairie and Clinton: a study of narrative value

Prairie and Dana went to Clinton, Wisconsin yesterday to record a few residents telling wonderful stories about Clinton history. Editing the files into just as lovely a podcast will take a little time, but until then, here is a video from our Records Management class. Prairie worked with folks from Clinton for a paper for this class. It’s a great job and we are so pleased to present it to you.

(apologies for the quality — it wasn’t an expected recording, so it’s just a small camera. You can’t see her slides but what she says is all you need to listen to! :)


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First Paper, First Podcast, First Post

Listen to the podcast HERE.

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Sound of the Archives! This podcast was created by Library and Information Studies students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is intended to be a forum for discussion about theory and practice in the archival profession.

Our first episode highlights areas of research conducted by three current students, Laura, Prairie and Dana, for the course SLIS 734: Modern Archives Administration taught by our instructor Michelle Caswell.

All three papers focus on archives as a medium for underrepresented populations to be heard. Laura’s paper hypothesizes how custodial trust can be preserved while providing digital access to restricted collections. Prairie’s paper looks at the community of Duluth, Minnesota trying to come to terms with a violent episode from its past through the use records. Dana’s paper explores the use of nontraditional records to give a voice to the victims of the Srebrenica genocide.

We hope you enjoy! Constructive criticism completely, absolutely, lovingly welcomed.

Our next episode will have an Irish theme in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! Please check out our Facebook page for updates. Below is a list of sources mentioned during the podcast. Until next time, see you in the archives!

Laura Farley: Wisconsin School for Girls Inmate Record Books: Trust in Custodianship through Redacted Digitization of Records and User Agreement Forms

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Prairie Hady: The Healing Power of Archives: Memorialization and Reconciliation in a Racially Divided Community

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Dana Gerber: The Biological Archive of Srebrenica