Sound of the Archives

a podcast dedicated to archives


Dana Elizabeth Gerber, founder, editor, and host

  Hi there! Thank you for coming to check us out. My name is Dana Elizabeth Gerber. I’m originally from the central coast of California where it’s beautiful, foggy, and windy. I earned my Bachelor’s degree from University of California, Berkeley, and stayed for a couple of years after graduation to work. I studied history and historiography, with an emphasis on Russian and Eastern Europe.
   In the Bay Area, I worked at the lovely Bancroft Library for four years in Public Services, which is where I cultivated my love for working with people and reference. I spent time in Oakland teaching at an after-school college prep program for low-income and under-resourced students, which further enhanced a passion for education and access.  In the School of Library and Information Studies at UW Madison, I have continued to pursue opportunities for public service in archives, reference, outreach, education, and marketing. It was a deeply valuable moment to me when I finally realized that service and education is where I belong. Recently, I have added an interest to my plate that hopefully won’t put a wrench in my dreams!: audio. I love audio, podcasts, and storytelling.
   As a graduate student, I spent most of my days as a TA for undergraduates, a Reference Assistant in the Archives Reading Room of the Wisconsin Historical Society, and digitizing circus heralds at the Circus World Museum. I have also processed collections & updated our database at Wisconsin Public Radio, created a records retention schedule for a local organization in Madison, and volunteered for the Madison Radicals Oral History Project.
Currently, I’m happy to be in the unique position of Podcast Consultant/Project Manager for the Wisconsin Historical Society Press. We’re trying to do something new and fun! I am also the Marketing Specialist for WHS Genealogy. I manage the genealogy Facebook and Google+ page, assist the Outreach librarian with workshop programming, and represent WHS at conferences.
   At night and on the weekends, I spend time with my fiancé  and our two kittens Oslo and Francesca, take walks/bike rides, sip cappuccinos or a good latte at a café, read a good book, and listen to podcasts. I love learning every day, and especially follow history, politics, and economics. Derek and I are hoping to start a podcast soon devoted to cheese!

Laura Farley

Laura Farley, co-creator & contributor

   My name is Laura Farley and I am a student in the master’s of Library and Information Studies program, with a concentration on archival science, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Currently I work at the Wisconsin Historical Society as a Project Assistant for the McCormick-International Harvester Collection where I am a reference archivist, learning more about tractors, farming implements and trucks than I ever thought possible. I am enjoying my work with this collection, it has certainly broadened my knowledge of American farming and I am getting excellent hands on experience in the archival field.
    I am thrilled to be in school for archival science. I have known since volunteering at the Iowa Women’s Archive at the University of Iowa during my junior year of college that the field of archives is my passion because it combines my love of history with public service. It’s been incredibly affirming to have my course work reiterate what a dynamic and important field archival science is.
    In my spare time I enjoy going for walks in the UW Arboretum with my terrier schnauzer mix Linus, practicing yoga, enjoying  Madison’s outstanding restaurants,  and watching films at the UW Union South Marquee.

Sarah McDole-Barsness

Sarah McDole-Barsness, contributor

Sarah is currently a graduate student at UW-Madison focusing in archives, and she’s excited about entering the workforce this coming May!  She has a wide range of experience with lots of different materials, but she’s extra-passionate about recorded sound, images, moving images, and posters.  She’s pretty sure that the more time-consuming it is to deal with, the more she enjoys working with it.  She’s been fortunate to work with the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin on their film collections, as well as an upcoming project from the Wisconsin Historical Society to create an online exhibit of materials related to Freedom Summer.

Eric Willey, webdesign experimenter

Eric Willey has completed a Master’s Degree in History and a second MA in Library and Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His course emphasis was on archival studies and information technology, and he is primarily interested in how archives, technology, and community interact with one another. He has worked as an archivist at the Illinois Regional Archives Depository at Western Illinois University, as a project assistant in the McCormick – International Harvester Collection at the Wisconsin Historical Society, and is currently employed as a Curator of Special Collections at the Filson Historical Society in Louisville, Kentucky.

Other contributors

  • Prairie Hady, co-creator and contributor
  • Tiffany Cruz, graphic designer
  • Katherine Stotis, contributor
  • Leslie Nellis, contributor
  • Shannon Wilsey, contributor
  • Jacob Ineichen, actor

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