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07: Ruthie and Jim’s Lovely Letters

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Sound of the Archives teamed up with SLIS grad student Shannon Wilsey, who writes the blog Letters to Ruthie, to share these funny, light-hearted, sweet, and heartfelt letters in honor of luuuuuuuuv month. We hope you enjoy hearing the words of Jim and Ruthie, two lovebirds courting in the early 1940s while Jim was away for army training. This is one of the most-stated reasons for becoming an archivist anyway: so we get to read other peoples’ love letters!

For more letters, head to Shannon’s blog:

Ruthie & Jim on a Picnic

Ruthie & Jim on a Picnic

How’d you meet your beau or sweetheart? Dana met hers in a library! :)


Author: Dana

I like stories.

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