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Outreach on its way

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Hi dear listeners!

We want to thank you for your continued support in listening to the podcast and following our pages. We really appreciate it, and as with all projects, we couldn’t do it without your interest (and ears!).

In honor of Archives Month in October, we decided to do an outreach episode. The plan was to have it out after October and do a nice wrap-up of what some archives around the country did for Archives Month and other projects. However, due to initially a size limit on our hosting server, we didn’t get it out by mid-November. Then due to our schedules as full-time students and working/volunteering as close to full-time as possible, it’s been very difficult to spend time on the Sound of the Archives project. The end of the semester has swamped all of us, but we hope to come out of it soon.

Then, we will able to provide you with the next fun episode!

Thank you again,

members of SotA


Author: Dana

I like stories.

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