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Archives as … Irish for a Day!


Listen to the podcast HERE.

The first episode our podcast had a super successful first run, and we thank you all deeply for that. As a token of gratitude, want to give you the gift of the luck o’ the Irish! This second episode highlights 5 different archives or collections by 5 students in the UW-Madison School of Library and Information Studies. We aimed to emphasize the archival value of these, as well as their general interest and uniqueness.

Prairie discovered the relationships of people in letters. Laura looked into the concepts of evidential and informational value of small collections. Dana looked into archives as supportive of national identity. Leslie looked into the power of archival documents to uphold historical upheaval. And last but not least, Sarah looked into a born-digital web archive documenting the General Election of 2011. We hope you found these as interesting as we did.



Author: Dana

I like stories.

2 thoughts on “Archives as … Irish for a Day!

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